Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Maps Street View

Google maps Street View is a free mapping service that can be accessed through a web browser. Depending on the location or place, you can view basic or custom maps, local business information and details of how to reach them. Google Maps applications are huge and varied, in all fields and in all sciences. For example, you can use Google Maps street view to create itineraries nature, historical or locate places where there has been a novel.

Google maps Street View

To access Google Maps street view we have to have an account in Google. Once registered, we can create new maps, mark as favorite searches, use markers to indicate points of interest, insert text, images or videos on our custom maps and share them at public, private level and even add our map on our website or on our blog.

Google Maps street view can be an interesting tool to create maps of all kinds.
Street View, on the other hand, is a tool to get a Maps street-view of a particular location, at an angle of 360 ° and 180 ° in another, moving through the images as if we were walking down the street or that place. It can be used to meet the requested search real level and can also serve as a guide to the sites which follows a predetermined route. The Google Maps Street View mascot is called Pegman and is a yellow doll that guides us through the streets of the world. Today everyone or almost all places in the world can be viewed using this tool.

Google Maps Street View provides a highly responsive, intuitive interface with built-in maps, detailed street and aerial imagery. In addition, map controls can be embedded in the product to give users full control over the navigation maps, street display and image data. Users can also perform panoramic map by using the "arrow" keys on a keyboard, and to drag the map with your mouse.
All these Google Maps Street View features combine to offer an attractive product, but the main driving force behind its rapid acceptance as an Internet map viewer is the ability to customize the map to suit the specific needs of the application.

For example, a real estate agency could develop a Web-based application that allows end users to search for residential properties to display the results on a Google Maps application. To get a good idea of the diversity of applications that are possible through Google Maps Street View, spend some time on the blog of Mike Pegg Google Maps.
5 uses Google Maps Street View to look beyond addresses

Check the weather. To add a layer where you can see the weather directly on Google Maps Street View just put your mouse over the widget that is on the top right of Google Maps and a list of options. Select Climate / Weather and voila, you have different information about places right on your map.

Find a new home. This is what the guys have done Kinzi, a mashup of Craigslist and Google Maps Street View. But as the supply of Craiglist in Latin America is not as strong, I suggest you use it to take a look at some neighborhoods in Google Maps Street View and see places they see advertised in newspapers. It is one thing to do, I even got department before moving to town with this method.
Find historical photos. This is one of my favorite projects using the Google Maps Street View API. Historypin is a project of We Are What We Do in partnership with Google that is available worldwide. It is a digital time machine that helps you see where were some historic photos. Just great.

Choose a name for your baby. As said in Odeeho, Google Maps Street View is pretty useful to get the most popular baby names of a region using the Baby Name Map, a usability layer made ​​by Guy Davis.

Play some races. Do you want to feel like you're playing Gran Turismo but in real life? Well you might not have as good graphics but there is a page where you can do so pretty funny: Real World Racer, a small online game where you have to draw a path and follow it, trying to beat some other participants generated computer. It may not be a big challenge but it is a fun app API.


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