Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Maps 3D

Some time ago rumors emerged that Apple was planning to launch a 3D mapping application in its latest OS that could burst at Google. Now we know that Google also plans to present his Google Maps 3D.

Google Maps 3D

Now users can navigate through an urban landscape where you can see all the buildings in 3D with great detail. To do this, Google is using its own aircraft equipped with cameras, who have been touring the major cities of our globe. I am convinced that to create what then going to see it has taken hundreds of photos in all kinds of angles.

But this is not the only change that will bring Google Maps. Now there is also a new feature called Tour Guide, enabling users to walk through landscapes in 3D on Google Earth and proposes lists attractions. Google Style World Wonders project, but in 3D. In addition, Google also announced that Google Maps 3D will work offline in short, making access to the maps may be made at any time, regardless of whether or not we have 3G connection. See Google Maps 3D video.

The event 'Next Dimension on Google Maps 3D ' has revealed that Google has implemented improvements in its mapping service. One of the main new features is the 3D models of entire metropolitan areas. This is a step forward in the improvement of the tool, which also starts with new ways to shoot with Street View and allows offline plans available for Android.

Google Maps 3D provides access to new 3D models of metropolitan areas complete. At year end the company intended to have this type of cover images with an extension in which dwells a population of 300 million people.

The three-dimensional representation of cities from Google Maps 3D is a significant advance in the field of the maps, which now acquire new exploration opportunities. In the video below you can see a sample of the spectacular images.

Besides the Google Maps 3D projections, also introduced a new way of capturing images for Google Street View. If before the company had already introduced some vehicles, such as tricycles or snowmobiles to reach places, now is a camera that takes foot that makes the photos.
This Street View, which recently introduced a bill showing the world heritage sites, will be able to reach less accessible sites. The tool that will make this possible is called Trekker and equipment needed to complete only a backpack to port.

Google also announced the availability of its Android mobile offline maps in more than 100 countries. In the coming weeks this release will materialize.
In closing I leave this beautiful video, which tells the story of Google Maps 3D:

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