Friday, February 22, 2013

Satellite view of my house

Google Earth Live

How i found a satellite view of my house. With a simple click using Google Earth live, i was able to see a satellite view of my house . In this article's example stands on a beach house USA

1. Download Google Earth live if you have not yet. Once you've installed it, search Google Earth on your desktop and open it.

2. Rotate or zoom in your country using your mouse. Press and hold the right mouse button then move google earth live left and right. Zoom in your country. Press the "+" which is in the green circle to make it zoom. If you want a home in the United States, use the arrows on the zoom buttons to rotate the planet.

3. You only need to type your adress in the search box and google earth live will fly to your house to obtain a satellite view of your house, but in other cases you may use the seek and find method. Zoom in on your state or province. Zoom in on your state or province. Use the zoom buttons and arrow keys to go to the state you want to go.

4. Head to your area. Zoom in on your city or town. If you can not find your town, try to search a nearby city and get more zoom.

5. Find a major road or intersection near where you live. Find a major road or intersection near where you live. Zoom in closer to find better.

6. Find your street. This should be easier if you are near the main road you found in the last step.

7. Count the houses in your street. Count the number of houses where you are on Google Earth to yours. Do this in real life first and then count the houses on Google Earth until you reach the same number. Family for things on your property, such as a lake, a trampoline or a caravan.

Also, you can enter the address in the top box on the left, near the corner. The program will automatically zoom into the area where you live and your surroundings.

Satellite view of my house


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