Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Download Google Earth 7

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Google Earth 7 now with 3D maps and guidebooks.

The new Google Earth 7 has already been launched and brings support for 3D image data of metropolitan areas around the globe, a feature available in the mobile version for several months.

Google Earth Features• Explore the 3D world with great detail.• Observe the terrain and the topography of the planet, constructions and buildings in three dimensions. Alternating between different data layers using the system, showing various types of information.• Maps always updated.• Performs searches of locations.• Look at the depths of the oceans, the buildings, the sky, planets like Mars or even the Moon.• Stroll through the streets with the Street View feature.• Measure distances or areas easily.• Access to historical images.• Different zoom levels for maximum detail.• Access guides to get you anywhere.• Includes a flight simulator.• Compatible with various GPS formats.

You can contribute your own images and pictures of the places you visited and even plan routes and itineraries for your trips.Visit the world without leaving home by downloading Google Earth.What's new in the latest version• New support for 3D image data.• Guided Tour through improved application.• Includes support for querying data from terrain "Google Maps Engine".• Status Bar and tips optimized.

This new version includes a guided tour feature that lets you see the most interesting places and see many details without looking specifically. As you move around the map thumbnails created from touring and will dynamically update with interesting places, allowing a virtual experience more streamlined and detailed.

Users will notice that the zoom is inclined now to greater heights. This is to display three-dimensional images. Also new are the new tips in the beginning and the status bar. The terrain data is now open by motor

 In addition to an incredible number of visits, Google Earth data update includes 3D views, Wikipedia references and more than one million photographs in Panoramic format.
Google Earth now include more than one hundred thousand tours of cities and popular sites on over 200 countries worldwide, in addition to making significant improvements in the existing tours.

New guided tours offer 3D views and information from Wikipedia references, and information to enrich the user experience when visiting virtually thousands of locations around the globe More than one million photographs in Panoramio format, allowing observe a 360 degree representation of the chosen sites.

If you have Google Earth installed 7, either on your desktop version of Android or iOS, new tours are updated automatically, without user intervention.


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