Monday, January 28, 2013

Apparently, dead girl found in Google Earth

UK. - We know that technology is advancing daily, but now, thanks to Google Earth to find a dead girl. The image appears on the 3d panoramic service, as the search engine performs virtual tours in 23 countries worldwide.

The photograph of the mega search alert caused the inhabitants of Middle Street, Worcester, west of the United Kingdom, when a girl lying on a street in England, his body lies still, not moving, it is upside down, when the Google Earth camera took the photo. When updating the maps, this little detail was reflected in an image of Google, people started to panic, does a girl was dead and nobody did anything?

Yes, apparently this thought at first the locals, because when he heard what happened, they called on the authorities to investigate the case What happened to the girl's body? Who raised him? They were part of the questions that the local people were made ...

When authorities received the call and moved to the scene, the case took a different turn ...As reported by the site, photography, who took the software giant, alert caused the inhabitants of Middle Street, Worcester, west of the United Kingdom. But after that the police inquiry, it turned out that it was only a game.

Azura Beebeejaun explained: "I fell when I was playing with my friend and thought it would be fun to make my life".


The girl was then immortalized by the photographs taken from Google Earth car, which features panoramic cameras on the ceiling, and then upload to your site satellite maps.

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